HOLISTIC RELAX massage is a massage that can be performed on the entire body or on request in a specific area: shoulders, legs, according to need. The massage oil can be chosen according to the essences and perfumes preferred.
Duration 40 minutes

Hot stone massage

Hot lava stones will be placed on shoulders and give their benefit while the massage starts in other parts of the body. The stones can also be used for maneuvers of the massage at psychological level.
Duration: 50 minutes

Black tantra massage

Same technique of the tantric massage only performed in complete darkness. This situation helps to develop maximum attention in receipt of the massage and fantasize while identifying the touch of the massager that will not only use hands but his whole being including the breath. Duration 60 minutes

Ayurvedic massage

Basic with rebalancing of the 7 chakras points and awakening of Kundalini. This massage can be considered an introduction for a gentle preparation to approach and understand Tantra. Duration 60 minutes

Tantra massage

Awakening of the 5 senses, self-knowledge and understand the other, awareness of sensuality and eroticism in its purest form, engaging and vibrational that destroys the outside world.
Duration 60 minutes

Tantra love massage

Emotional massage of tantric philosophy the recipient will have the opportunity to interact and experience thanks to the guidance of the masseuse what it means practicing a tantric massage.
Duration 75 minutes


About us


At our HOLISTIC Association you will find a specialist in the application of elastic taping: original and certified, its application provides a biomechanical effect. It does not contain medical or chemical ingredients; its use has revolutionized the world of sports and wellness medicine. Il Taping applied properly stimulates skin receptors activating the corresponding systems. It is applied in the REHABILITATION field, SPORTS and POSTURAL REHABILITATION .
1) Relieves pain
2)Supports muscles in movement
3)Removes congestion of lymphatic fluids
4)Corrects muscle alignments
5)Improves posture