• Tantric massage intends to lead to a sensory experience of listening to one’s Self

  • A simple caress can activate all sensory system.

  • Tantric massage is a unique combination of power and spirituality.

Tantra Massage

  • Sensory experience

  • Self-awareness

  • Energy
    and Spirituality

  • Creativity
    and Sensuality

Why Tantra

why choose usChoosing Tantra massage means to fully rediscover the most satisfying and involving human emotions. You rediscover the pleasure of life because you become more sensually vital and aware. Choosing Tantra means to learn to be in continuous evolution.

With Tantra you learn to experience the pleasure of the senses in a much broader way, managing to express at the best what you really are, moving away from society taboos.

It gives the power to make real choices without being limited or influenced by appearances. Tantra brings to recognize the true meaning of beauty, which is not only aesthetic but is also the radiance of the heart that expands to others.


testi1Dear, I was dying to write you. I thank you for the many emotions that you have given me. For a moment I seemed to fly in a whole new world.
...Caringly Alex.

testi1Thanks ... Thank you for the energy and the warmth transmitted. I am not able to put into words what I felt ... Combination of warmth and spirituality ... Wonderful and unique.
.. with love Martha.



    Performed on the whole body or in a specific area upon request.

    Hot lava stones will be placed on shoulders.

    Carried out in complete darkness getting maximum attention of the customer.

    Standard with rebalancing of the 7 chakras and awakening of the Kundalini.