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Origin of the Word "Tantra"

The word tantra of Sanskrit origin, can have different meanings: it represents a fabric texture a spool frame but it is also a mystical or magical doctrine. This discipline represents a scientific script and the performance of a ceremony. The word Tantra from the root TAN "expansion" and TRA "liberation" is therefore to indicate an ensemble of millennial time doctrines and practices directed to the expansion of the ordinary state of consciousness in various sectors of life. Tantra as the expansion of ordinary state of awareness is the true and authentic underlying philosophy of Tantra. Those who believe that Tantra is dedicated only to the sexual act are wrong.


Practical aspects of tantra

From a practical standpoint the Tantric massage is a multisensory experience: lights, scents, sounds, combined to stimulate and capture every physical aspect, also tactile stimulation done skillfully during the massage techniques alternating incisive and delicate touches combined with manual sensuality and meditative touches, activating the Marma points and subtle energies. All this and other aspects of Tantra, make so the massage does not result a massage based on erotic games, but rather the result of shamanic practices with propitiatory intents.


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During the session the 7 chakra points will be opened and closed. They start from the base of the spine up to the skull. To work on them means to re-create a balance between the earth and the spiritual. Who receives this massage should be completely relaxed but aware to understand what the TANTRA is and feel emotions and the awakening of the five senses.



In general, the Tantric massage is intended to lead to a sensory experience of listening to Self. It is inspired from ancient tantric tradition of the Indus valley but it is also present in the shamanic tradition. Reason why all tantric massage have an initial introduction with a shamanic ritual. For members personalized promotions every month. Covered parking under our location for our members.



In site are kept the following individual or group holistic massage courses: hot stone, Ayurveda, Lomilomi, crystal therapy and tantra.
The courses include theoretical and practical sessions.
Among our association are also available:
- Courses and sessions of yoga and meditation first level.
- Reiki treatment with initiations of the circle of light.